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Nurtured Mood Package

Mental Wellness Online Course

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Do your moods fluctuate regardless of life's circumstances? Have you worked with a psychologist with limited results? Do you feel exhausted? Do mental health issues run in your family? Does your gut or IBS issues influence your mood?

You are not alone.

Have you ever thought about a biological cause of your mood fluctuations? Perhaps your mood is sensitive to the food you are eating? Perhaps your sleep is poor, and you notice your mood drops? Perhaps your blood sugar is unstable, and your mood flows with your blood sugar - climbing and crashing, daily?


I truly believe that each of us have the power to change our mood.



Whilst mood can be strongly influenced by lived experiences, thought patterns and interpersonal struggles, we cannot overlook our biochemistry, and our daily behaviors that form part of our life. My Mental Wellness Online Course moves through my 5-pillars of holistic mental wellness, and empowers you to take control of the things you can control that may affect your mood.

In the course, we address:


Week 1:

  • What is true health?

  • Beliefs about mental health

  • Is depression or anxiety a disease?

  • Constitutional versus acquired drivers of mental health

  • An introduction to the 5-pillars of a healthy mind

  • Introduction to journaling

Week 2:

  • Pillar 1: Nutrition

  • Macro-balanced plate for mental health

  • Foods that modulate our body & brain

  • Nutrients for mental health

  • Blood tests + optimal markers

  • Supplements - when to take them, reputable brands, doses

Week 3:

  • Pillar 2: Movement

  • Movement and mental health: what's the link?

  • Identifying where you sit on the movement spectrum

  • Too little vs Too much

  • Types of movement

  • A balanced exercise routine

Week 4:

  • Pillar 3: Sleep

  • Why sleep matters to mental health

  • Identifying where you sit on the sleep spectrum

  • How sleep works

  • The Circadian Rhythm

  • What influences sleep

  • Troubleshooting your sleep patterns

Week 5:

  • Pillar 4: Environment

  • Environmental toxins + mental health - what's the link?

  • Breaking down the toxins we are exposed to

  • My top tips: brand recommendations and strategies for making the switch

Week 6:

  • Pillar 5: Connection

  • The link between connectedness and mental health

  • Social connection

  • Support network evaluation

  • Connecting with nature

  • Earthing/grounding

  • Forest bathing

  • Connecting with ourselves

Each week we meet over zoom to check in, discuss common questions and learn about that week's topic.

Additional Inclusions

  • 90 minutes of live interaction with Emma each week.

  • Ability to ask Emma questions relating to the course content via live interaction, email or Facebook.

  • Invitation to the private Facebook Group where you gain access to further resources including recipes, products, research papers and a like-minded community, including other members of the JCN team and two personal trainers.

  • Weekly homework tasks which pertain to that week's topic.

  • Discount on practitioner-only products from the JCN Clinic.

  • Discounts on products Emma uses and recommends.

  • Each session is recorded so if you miss a live interaction, you will always be able to catch up. You can also save the recording.


  • Upfront: $359

  • OR payment plan over 4 installments ($89.75 x 4 payments)

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