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Conscious food.

Nurtured mood.

Balanced mental health begins with what you put on your plate.

Hi, I'm Emma.

A clinical nutritionist, speaker, recipe-developer and lover of good food.

The kitchen is my happy place, and I truly believe health starts and ends with what we put on our plate.

My biggest passion is helping those with mental health concerns, in particular depression and anxiety. I am also particularly interested in the trillions of bacteria located in our gut (called our microbiome), and the way these bugs influence our mental health. My expertise lies in treating individuals using a holistic approach. I use education, food, quality supplements and lifestyle interventions to help treat clients in a very individualized manner. My goal for every client is to get to the root cause of their symptoms using my clinical case taking skills and a variety of pathology including functional testing.


Why do I like treating mental health? Because I have suffered from extreme bouts of depression in my time and it was an utterly debilitating experience. Over my years of study (learn about this here) and personal experience, I have learned that mental health concerns (and all aspects of health for that matter) need to be addressed using a multi-pronged approach; not simply with a pill (although this can certainly form part of the answer for some).

Although I like to focus on mental health, I do treat other conditions. Actually, in order to treat mental health correctly, I need to be able to seek out and treat the concerns that are contributing to the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Therefore, I need to know about and consequently treat hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies/excesses, chronic inflammation, genetic influences and gut (microbiome) imbalances.

My own experience with depression, along with my deep curiosity as to how the body works - has led me here. I truly believe that my soul’s purpose is to help others see the light – through speaking, writing, consulting and inspiring others to get back in the kitchen and take control of their mental health.

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